About Us

Paula Arturo is a lawyer-linguist, PhD candidate, and Professor of Law. She is the proud human of five rescued dogs and two cats. In her spare time, Paula is an avid reader and enthusiastic runner. Aside from animals, books, and sports, Paula also likes coffee and croissants, which she enjoys sharing with friends and family.

Pablo Klammer is an engineer-turned-translation business owner. He is an avid reader and art enthusiast who enjoys the occasional comic book and cartoon strip. Aside from art in general, Pablo likes science, numbers, and history. He’s your go-to guy for all sorts of fascinating facts about how things work, why things are the way they are, and how they were in the past.

Paula and Pablo both enjoy traveling together and going on adventures. They love the outdoors and the countryside, but also enjoy fine dining and wine tasting. They are both hard working and dedicated to their business, Translating Lawyers, but they know there’s more to life than just your profession. This blog is an expression of that philosophy.

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Angela says:

    Hey just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your blog, and look forward to following future installments. I visited Argentina for a little over a year between 2006-2007, and stumbled here through the Google vortex while checking out English-language Argentine news items. I’ve always been curious as to how one becomes a professional translator, especially without formal training as such, and I’d love to read about how you got where you are today in your career.


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